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Erin Rose Tollefsen (formally Hoiberg), or Spooky Uberette


Very Happily Married!

Beloit, WI (hate it here)


I was always an artistic child, and highschool really helped me realize that art is probably the one thing I am truely passionate about (aside from my marriage).

I took EVERY art class in highschool, and always did good. I was going to consider going to art school, but certain events detered me from going.

Then I met my now-husband, Russell. He was going to school for digital art, and his work was AMAZING. I learned some stuff from watching him, and soon began to make my own computer art (mainly because I wanted gory pics of myself and he would not make them for me...).

I am more of a macabre artist, but I have been known to make cutesy pics, like the doll pics I got really popular for.

You can check out more of my art at my Myspace Art Page, my Deviant Art page, The Great Art Exchange, and feel free to add me on myspace!

I tend to go through phases of art...started out with Zombies and has since switched to Dolls. I love making the doll art and I have had such a wonderful response to both my Zombie art and my Doll art, so that is why I made this page. I am eventually going to be selling my art, and interested people can buy a custom-made piece by me, but we have to wait and see when I am going to be able to do that.

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